What Couples Do Before The Wedding Day

There are several things couples do before the wedding day. When you decide to get married, your days will be exciting but also tiring when preparing for the big day. Though your wedding still months away, it is important not only preparing the wedding day only. Also, prepare to have a happy yet long-lasting marriage. To strengthen and deepen your marriage bond, you can try to do these several things with your spouse-to-be.

What Couples Do Before The Wedding Day
What Couples Do Before The Wedding Day


The important topic for you and your spouse to talk about is money. Learn how they earn money and use it, and whether they have an investment with that. Also, talk about the expenses you have in marriage and how you combine your money. Consider the debts that your partner has, and how you look for the solutions together to solve the problems.

Tell Them Who You Are

Introduce your true self to your spouse-to-be. Let her or him know who you are and what you stand for, or the values that you do believe. This is important because you two will see each other every single day. Make sure that you and your partner know well what you two want to build a healthy relationship. If you don’t have good communication about this matter, it may become a bigger problem later for both of you.

What Couples Do Before The Wedding Day
What Couples Do Before The Wedding Day

Family Meeting

It’s also a good time for both families to meet. At this time, you can also announce that you’re getting married. Hold this month before your big day. This shows that you have good intentions and integrity to know your spouse-to-be’s family. It also helps you to promote authenticity and transparency, it shows respect as well as honor, especially for the elders. This moment will be great for icebreaking before the wedding.

Traveling Together

This idea will give you wide chances to see how your spouse-to-be handles hard yet stressful situations. Try to book a trip. It doesn’t have to be an expensive or long journey, choose something effective for both of you to know each other. Camping or road trips or staycation can be great ideas. It helps you to solve problems together as well as make memories together. People say that you can see your partner’s real character when you ask them for travelling together.

Doing Treatment

Another thing that couples do before the wedding day is doing skincare together. The quality of time can also be built by doing skin treatment together. Try to book a skin treatment three weeks before the D-day, and ask your dermatologist to create a special package for you both. If you try to change your skincare routine, it’s better to do it months before the wedding, because there are always risks like irritation, allergy, or breakout caused by the new products. To have glowing skin, avoid doing microdermabrasion or peeling. Do it after you have your chemical treatment.

Know Their Beliefs

You may have a very different belief with your spouse-to-be. For instance, you are an atheist, while your partner is a very religious man. Or you believe that you have to obey the law to achieve social balance, while others might think that law is made to be broken. There are so many things, that you will find your spouse has very different interests, beliefs, values. Prepare yourself, build quality time together.