Hair Stuff and Personal Treatment: How to Avoid Hair Aging

Hair is a part of the body that can affect your overall look. With healthy hair, surely your appearance will look more perfect, Ladies. The first step you can take for hair stuff and personal treatment is to maintain healthy hair is to choose the right shampoo product.

There are some ingredients in shampoos that are not good for hair. The contents are silicone, sulfates, and parabens. Silicone is an affordable softener that is widely used in shampoo and conditioner products. Unfortunately, this content is difficult to rinse so it can form a layer that makes hair difficult to breathe and ultimately brittle.

How to Avoid Hair Aging
How to Avoid Hair Aging

The second ingredient is Sulphates. The ingredients used to make this foamy shampoo can remove natural oils from the hair and scalp, making it dry and brittle. Sulfates are also often associated with the appearance of irritation and itching on the scalp. Then there is also the content of Paraben, which is a preservative commonly used in beauty products.

Cream bath will give the best results if the hair we have is still natural, has never been dyed, curled, rebonded, smoothed or exposed to other chemicals. Simply by doing a cream bath, your natural hair will come back healthy & beautiful.

A hair mask is a hair stuff and personal treatment that focuses on the hair shaft rather than on the scalp. That is why when we do a hair mask in the salon, the massage on the head is not too long and replaced with a message on the hands & shoulders.

How to Avoid Hair Aging
How to Avoid Hair Aging

Not only the skin, but hair is also aging every day. Hair volume decreases with time and the color turns gray. As hormonal changes, more hair will fall out and grow longer. But, Friends of Dream can still control it. How?

Wear Conditioner Without Rinse

To keep your hairstyle neat and tangle, use a conditioner without rinse the hair roots before going to sleep. If you want to maintain a curly hairstyle, tie all your hair up using a hair tie.

Use a pillowcase made of Satin or Silk

Both of these ingredients can prevent hair breakage and frizz. You can also wrap your hair in a silk cloth to make sure your hairstyle is perfect.

Spray Volume Spray and Wear Serum

So that the hair looks fresh and perfect in the morning, spray volume spray, then use the serum. Both of these products make your hair more volume and smooth.

Spray Volume Spray and Wear Serum
Spray Volume Spray and Wear Serum

Avoid Alcohol Content

Some beauty products contain alcohol. This content can absorb moisture and make it drier. Dry hair causes tangles. So, choose alcohol-free shampoo and conditioner so that your hair is smoother and softer.

Don’t touch the hair

All women must occasionally touch the hair while having fun at . In fact, this causes prone to matted hair. This is also the reason why you need to tie your hair.

Hair Style with the Right Style

Hair that is loose will be more susceptible to tangle. Arrange the hair by strapping it up or braiding it so it doesn’t tangle. Hairstyle when you’re done with activities and look at the effects. Styling the hair with the right style is one of the hair stuff and personal treatment.